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With 30 years of grooming experience, this Colorado native has established a successful career in both salon and mobile grooming. As the CEO of Spa 4 Paws, she has demonstrated a strong commitment to the well-being of pets. Additionally, as the Founder/President of the 4 Paws Pet Pantry, a non-profit organization, they have been actively involved in addressing the issue of pet hunger in Northern Colorado and surrounding areas since 2009. April's extensive certifications and memberships in various professional grooming associations showcase her dedication to staying updated with the latest industry standards and techniques. By attending numerous grooming events and obtaining certifications, she has consistently invested in her professional development, commitment to pet welfare is further evident through their Fear Free Grooming Certification and Pet Aesthetician Certification. Owned by Justice, Echo, Minnie Mouse, Mesa, and Coral.

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Call us: 970-484-7297

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Address: 328 S. Link Ln. #2B

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